Please reinstall the EC Manager and insert your data card. Sending Messages You can send messages to the numbers in the Received calls items. With the Setting of Sound Alert When there is an incoming call, you will hear a sound alert: Furthermore, installing the wrong Huawei drivers can make these problems even worse. Double click on dialer to connect to internet or to disconnect the internet connection.

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Huawei EC321 Unlock 3G USB Modem

Uninstall and reinstall the EC Manager; Insert data card thereafter. For more information, please ask the local network operator. Windows OS requires Service Pack 4 or later version. Users group can not use EC Manager, but can dial to network through network connection offered dara OS. Step 1 2 Operation and description From the window of Contacts Manager, you can select the source position and the aim position for the importing.

Huawei EC321 Data Card Unlocking via Firmware Update

If you cancel the sending, the message will be saved automatically to the Outbox. Each kind of log supports up to items. Copy the Voic Pro from the shared folder on the Voic Pro server.


Step 1 Operation and description Click on displayed. For details of the operation, please consult the network operator. Hospital Pay attention to the following points in hospitals or health care facilities: Making Calls You can crad back the number of a message sender.

When starting, check unread message When the program starts, it will check the unread messages in the UIM card and the data card.

Huawei Ec Data Card Software – Data services – Reliance Jio & Reliance Mobile Discussion Forums

When you save these messages, only the contents of them are saved in the Draft, the numbers dc321 specified are not saved. Switch your wireless device off near medical devices. It is subject to your actual one. Then, install the EC hardware driver by following the guide for hardware installation.

Option Reports Description You can enable or disable this function. However, connections in all conditions cannot be guaranteed.

Huawei EC Unlock 3G USB Modem

Sending Messages You can send messages to the numbers in the Dialed calls items. Emergency Call You can use your wireless device for emergency calls. Do not allow children cata use your wireless device without guidance.


You can change the number.

Registration Forgot your password? Standing for unread messages;: Shortcut keys Enter Description y After entering a call number, press this key to make the call directly. SMS ring toneRing tone can be customized.

Network The information about the network operator Connection Includes: The account data service is not enabled or data service is terminated. Installing the Virtual Desktop 4.

Forwarding Messages You can forward messages received in the Inbox. If the sending fails, you will be prompted whether to send it again. Error occurs to the re-imported files if the exported files have been modified.

Download Latest Huawei Modem Drivers 64 bit and 32 bit for all latest dongle and. Expand Universal serial bus controller option; 5.