Quentin – I appreciate this review and have been debating the upgrade to an expensive Wacom but went with the Huion after reading this piece. The Huion digital pen can completely replace a mouse allowing you to benefit from the freedom of using a pen. Seems I have to get it out of the closet to try it again What an excellent Wacom alternative it is! I can’t quite figure out how to use the pressure sensitivity on Photoshop CC brushes, but I can see that it clearly works in the settings.

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Great article and timing. After fully charged, does the red light disappear?

Huion HPRO Painting Drawing Pen Graphics Tablet | eBay

Kindly note that all our tablets support left-hand yuion and you just need to make some settings in it. The only thing for me currently will be how to learn using it properly: Frequently Asked Questions Compatability.

If you are just wanting to learn to use a tablet or just don’t want to spend a lot of money on something that isn’t really a requirement for whatever you are doing, this tablet is perfect. A Chinese based manufacturer that offer good quality products at a very affordable price.

Submit Sign Up for Newsletter. But if you’re an artist who likes to take their time and not speed-art or rush into art, then its nothing big! I loved the little thank you card!


You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Many thanks in advance. Mini USB Cable 4. She recommends this tablet to anyone who loves art of any sort that is digital!

Fstoppers Reviews the Huion H610 Pro Graphics Tablet

Looking at Youtube videos reviewing this same product, I found that the driver seems a bit better on Windows than on Mac. Please could you tell me if the HPRO can be used left handed, if not which of your graphics tablet are left hand compatible.

In the retouching world, graphics tablets are pretty much a standard. The rechargeable pen is as little of a nuisance as it can be, only needing charging maybe once every few weeks with heavy use. One last thing, when hhuion in touch with Huion, they offered me a coupon to share with all of you.

I have recommended this tablet to several of my friends and they have all bought Huion products 4 of them bought this table, one of them bought a different model, not sure which and they all love them. Even after such a tragedy, the pen works flawlessly. Larger, smaller, cheaper, touch screen, hiion even tracing boards for the avid drawers.


While for this competitive price and good service, huin is a good choice for people who would like to buy a drawing tablet with no much cash.

Huion H Pro offers me such a mastery of line for a quarter of the price of an equivalent Intuos. I have this Wacom Intuos Graphics Tablet and this is something worth for its price. Did hiuon try reaching out their customer service?

Click the links to check out! Joe Hogan – February 23, [Edited] Many thanks for this review. It was well hiion, well protected, and looked good right away.

Not much refinement here. When you spend long hours retouching, you want a surface that feels great. I love the tablet with 8 express keys and 16 soft keys, it meets my requirement.

Account Sign In Join Us. I’ve been using the Huion Pro since and love it. Very touchy and sensitive, the texture of tablet is comfortable, huioh like you draw on paper.

The pressure sensitivity works great, the pen does NOT lag at all like I saw in some other tablets.