Mine are on the floor. Although they stand relatively tall, they are still shallow so that they can be fitted into the corn None of this is meant as a knock on the four, which is a nice speaker and fantastic for the prices some of you paid. It seems not hard from the glance, but Or, if this is easier, how does any horn sound with SS?

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For those applications the KGs are perfect — they have a surfeit of clean low-frequency sound which carries through the house and effortless mid and high ranges. When Stereo Review did their evaluation of the Klipsch Forte Is, the final sentence in the write up was something like “these kh4 the best speakers we have ever heard”.

Used Klipsch KG4 Loudspeakers for Sale |

I have made my own stands for KG The binding-post terminals have a very good quality, so AWG12 cable goes easily, they also accept banana plugs. Still as an introduction to older Klipsch’s I thought I couldn’t go wrong.

You need to experiment and you will notice how the sound changes. I must say I’ve been unfortunate in the fact that I haven’t heard any good horns, nor tubes, since I got into audio as serious as I now am. I just found I prefer Tubes They’re good for small speakers – bass is present without being overemphasized, not overly bright – and a decent soundstage for the size.


None of this is meant as a knock on the four, which is a klipech speaker and fantastic for the prices some of you paid. The two-way KG 4 floor standing loudspeaker was first introduced in and manufactured by Klipsch until I’ve spent gk4 weekend playing with my new Klipsch KG4’s. My pal that just got addicted listened to my tubes on Klipsch bought him a nice set of KG4’s and a Sherwood Everyone should own a pair of Klipsch, at least one pair.

Raise the Roof: Klipsch KG4 | silverfacestereo

Bass is tight, midrange and treble is great. I found them at a local pawn shop. Bob Crites tweeter upgrade page: I was less impressed by the system with the cost of my house, but these speakers are just a pleasure for the ears, especially considering the budget.

It looks like they were made with two staples and them screwed together. Spot on with this write-up, I truly believe that this web site needs much more attention. And the mids and the highs were well rounded and pleasant.


I had some reservations about buying these as they seem to get mixed reviews. Thank you for your interest.

The base of one of the speakers has started to separate at one corner. Create a free website or blog at WordPress.

Klipsch KG4

The sound is so springy deep and tangible so you can cut it with the knife. Bill edited to add They use horn tweeter for high frequencies reproduction, two drivers for wide frequency range and bass reflex via passive radiator cabinet design.

I mean I was not quite impressed. Do you already have an jg4 Did you replace them or come up with a solution to easily pop them back out?

Klipsch KG4 without its grille. Log in or Sign up. The only horns I’ve heard have been less-than-quality, and a bit “honking” in sound. I said to be careful!

That balanced things out well.

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