I know they are ugly looking but they have been very consistent so far. Haven’t hit the G25 hybrids yet, but I like the i hybrids, and bag an Anser hybrid If you fall into the fun and enjoyment without a ton of time to practice, I’d stay with something in the GI or SGI range where the G25s are supposed to fall. A mishit is a mishit, but some clubs handle mishits a lot better than others. Delivered as stated within 1 working day. A great addition to my set. Have had a 27 degree for approx 6 months and found this 23 degree a great replacement to my 5 iron.

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I loooove the look of the G25, and I do rec all it hit well “But please consider the x hot and razr fit extreme too…” Thanks dave, will have a look then, I did try the x hot at the Moore Park golf expo, it was a nice club, but then I was a bit overwhelmed with all the choice, and they all seemed to melt into each other Good distance and a nice soft landing.

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Boss let us cut out after lunch today – moseying round the course right now: Sign In Need an account?

This thread is days old. Difficult to tell a ball has been struck with this club!

Ping G20 Hybrid Hybrid Reviews

Plus, with the new direction they are going with the hybrids, they dont make them like that anymore!. But that’s just me. Sign In Sign Up. Just bought an i20 hybrid to match my irons but if I don’t like that I’ll definitely be putting the g20 in. Ballard on Length rcossfield Backswing.

Register for free today! Put his first one on the front edge of the green. MCC Plus 4 Ball: I’ve tried his clubs, and he’s tried mine with no discernible difference.

Not trying to be funny. Who here has played a G20 hybrid? I know it’s hideous but…

I’ve got a 3 and 4 – sooo easy to hit, very consistent distance as well. I’ve played both the G and i series extensively. Check out Mark Crossfield’s new video on youtube: Pretty smooth feel and very straight.

I probably should have gone with the G when I was being fitted due to my skill level, but at impact they just were not as comfortable to me. G15, i15, G20, i20, and Anser. Still a good club. Does anyone have any info on the i20 vs G20?


Ping G25 to I25

I would recommend this company to anyone. The item was in very good condition, certainly better than described on the website, and as I have come to expect from Golfbidder, turned up on time. I have a 20 degree in my bag and I love mine. I play G25’s and my buddy has I20’s.

By bigoakJuly 24, in Golf Talk. Will you be happy with them? Well never say never I agree with these replies. But like the guy a few replies above, I do tend to hook it more than I like. Canadian in Texas Handicap: Excellent club but not for me!

I can honestly say that the 2 models that I hit the best are the G15 and G